Aimhigher London South acts as a single point of contact to help teachers to find out about higher education outreach activity in the London South area.



Aimhigher London South together with partner universities offer a wide range of outreach activities to students and staff in schools and colleges across the region.



Aimhigher London South brings all the information on the region’s higher education outreach into one place, and acts as a single point of contact to help you make the most of the support available.


In line with our focus ‘Supporting Key adults around the learner’ Aimhigher have developed two collaborative directories to enable parents/guardians, educational staff and all interested in progression to better access ‘need to know’ information when researching and preparing for a course at HE.

The Parents’ Directory offers impartial information about the benefits of HE, the application process, student finance and much more. The Disability Support Directory is a searchable guide to the generic and specific types of disability provision available across London Universities.





“It’s been a marvellous experience; it’s helped me to choose what I’m going to do for my GCSEs” – Leaner that attended KS3 Aspire to HE Conference

What went well: “Quality of Sessions, friendly and helpful ambassadors, great venue and Money Game” – Teacher that attended

KS3 Aspire to HE Conference

 I passed a parent this morning who I know- she said her son came home Friday and told her he was now definitely going to uni!” – Teacher that attended

KS3 Aspire to HE Conference

We were delighted to work with KS3 students at Goldsmiths University on Friday 6th January and Kingston University on Tuesday 10th January. Both conferences were fully booked, we engaged with over 240 learners who had the opportunity to attend four interactive workshops that were designed to enable learners to:

  • Start thinking about planning their future,
  • Discover how to manage money in a practical way,
  • Gain an insight about student life from our student ambassadors
  • Make an informed decision when selecting their GCSE options


This year as part of Aimhigher’ s commitment to work with parents, students had the opportunity to write to their parents/guardians about their time at the university. The aim of the postcard is to ignite conversation about higher education. The postcard features a link to the Aimhigher parents website to help them to find out more about university. Schools have taken the opportunity to display the link on their school homepage or their parents information page, please do feel free to do the same

http://parent-directory.aimhigherlondonsouth.org.uk/ .

A brief look at the postcards before they were sent off showed students thoughts about the day.

Anonymised quotes taken from postcards:

“Dear Mum and Dad, University seems great! There is such diversity and money doesn’t seem to be much of an issue anymore. All I need is to get a C or above in my GCSES”

 “Dear Madre and Padre, I’m at Uni! I kinda want to go to uni, Adios”

“I enjoyed today. I met new people and made new friends. I am more open to opportunities that link to what I want do in the Future. I am more Confident”

“Dear Mum and Dad, …My favourite part was the campus tour because we were able to explore the university. I am a teddy bear (I will explain at home)”

On a final note we would like to take the opportunity again to thank our partner HEIs, Ambassadors and Schools for their support at this collaborative conference. Thank you for continuing to be engaged with Aimhigher.

Stay Tuned

We hope to work with you at our next conference – KS4 HE Skills and Progression at Roehampton University on Friday 10th March to book contact: Lucia Byrne – Lucia.Byrne@kingston.ac.uk , 0208 417 7179.



Higher Education in London works with over 40 universities and colleges to provide a single point of contact for teachers to find out about university outreach across London.

In this film we hear from Lorna Ellis, the HE and UCAS coordinator at Carshalton Boys Sports College. Here Lorna talks about the work she has been doing at the school, and why she thinks Carshalton Boys have been so successful at raising the aspirations of their students and increasing the number who apply to university.

For more information please visit:  HE in London webpage



National Collaborative Outreach Programme – NCOP

Aimhigher London South is working in partnership to meet the government’s  ambition to double the proportion of students from disadvantaged backgrounds in higher education (HE) by 2020. The 4 year National Collaborative Outreach Programme (funded though HEFCE) will target learners in specific wards  who have the potential but not necessarily the opportunity to progress onto Higher Education. 

Following on from the success of the NNCO, 3 networks: Aimhigher London South, AccessHE and Linking London have joined forces again as a pan London consortium this time to meet the Government’s ambition to double the proportion of students from disadvantaged backgrounds in higher education (HE) by 2020. The 4 year programme will target learners who have the potential but not necessarily the opportunity to progress onto Higher Education. Each network will be targeting learners within specific geographical areas (wards) within London that have been identified as high levels of social deprivation and low numbers of learners progressing onto Higher Education. Aimhigher London South together with its partner HEIs and new schools will be developing targeted and progressive programmes of outreach activity for these learners from year 10-13.        Read more