Who we are

Aimhigher London South is a limited company working to ensure fair access to Higher Education for young people from non-traditional backgrounds.

Aimhigher London South is part of a HEFCE funded programme called ‘National Collaborative Outreach Programme’ (NCOP).


Having worked with many of our partners through the government funded Aimhigher programme over many years, we have developed a track record of enabling and supporting transition.


We do this by linking schools, colleges, universities, education providers and employers together to work effectively.

We are a single point of contact to help teachers in schools and colleges to find out about higher education outreach activity in the London South area and we provide general advice about progression into higher education.

Why we do what we do

Our overall aims echo the National Strategy for Access and Student Success published by  the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills: ‘everyone who has the potential and ambition to succeed in higher education should have equal opportunity and support to do so, regardless of background, family income or disability’.

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Our team

Our team comprises 4 very experienced members whom are very dedicated to our cause.

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The need for our services

In an unprecedented climate of change for education as many schools convert to Academy status, FE Colleges lose the support of the EMA and Universities increase their tuition fees there has never been a more crucial time for education institutions to work together to ensure young people are well informed about their own progression routes. Aimhigher London South offers that platform for collaborative working.

We offer the following services:

Careers Information Advice and Guidance for pupils, teachers and parents.  

See our activities page for more information.

Co-ordinating activities

We work with our partner schools and colleges to identify key groups of students: those with the potential to succeed from areas of low participation in Higher Education, gifted & Talented cohorts, students with Specific Learning Difficulties, Looked After students and Vocational learners. Having identified their needs and requirements we then link groups of students to appropriate activities delivered by universities, colleges, other educational providers and employers.

Develop new links with universities on your behalf

We approach universities to explore if a particular university activity is of interest. We also meet with you to ensure that you are prepared appropriately to enable the activity envisaged has maximum impact on the learners and their development. The examples of the kinds of activities include, ambassador work, summer schools, e-mentoring and vocational tasters with colleges or universities.

Research and Evaluation

Aimhigher facilitates progressive programmes of activities as well as undertaking further research into a number of emerging themes with a view to identifying: the efficacy and impact of specific workshops within events for collaborative projects, the impact of the overall event on the participating students and patterns of responses that lead to further research. We have developed systems for measuring the attitude of learners, identifying the factors that support improving the attainment of learners and their progression.

Network Meetings

We provide the opportunity for schools, colleges and university partners to come together impartially to exchange ideas and share good practice.


Catherine Fenwick, Director                                    c.fenwick@kingston.ac.uk                                     02084177564
Suzanne Marchment, Director                                 s.marchment@kingston.ac.uk                               02084177563
Mark Ellis, Project Manager NCOP                           m.ellis@kingston.ac.uk                                           07498072897
Justine Marcham,Project Co-ordinator NCOP         j.marcham@kingston.ac.uk                                    07535231159
Lucia Byrne, Education Liaison Manager                lucia.byrne@kingston.ac.uk                                    07947904699
Tanya Kireva, Support Officer                                 t.kireva@kingston.ac.uk                                         020 8417 650