What have we been up to?

“Excellent advice and guidance. Sessions were all well delivered.” – Head of Year 13

‘Y13 Preparing to Apply’ at Kingston University                                                                                                                                     In September we welcomed nearly 40 Year 13 learners to Kingston University to gain expert advice at this crucial time of year with their personal statement and application to UCAS. They began the day with an overview of the importance of the personal statement and the context of the UCAS application to the whole applicant journey. What to expect once their application has been submitted and what steps they have to take next.

This was followed by expert practical workshop sessions on writing, formatting and tailoring your personal statement led by three of our University partners, St Mary’s University, Kingston University and Roehampton University.

In the afternoon an informed and interactive finance session was delivered by Kingston University. This prompted many questions and the learners had intense round table discussions about finance, the application process and what to expect next with our set of Student Ambassadors hailing from Kingston University, St Mary’s University, St George’s University and Roehampton University. The day was finished with an expert session by the Head of Outreach at St George’s University for how best to prepare for an interview.


‘Y13 Preparing to Apply’ at Goldsmith’s University

“Excellent day.” -Teacher attending                                                                                                                                                       The following week we headed to Goldsmith’s University where we welcomed over 90 Year 13 learners to South East London. In addition to our opening introduction led by Goldsmith’s University we delivered four personal statement workshops to the learners led by our partners at London Southbank University, Kingston University, Goldsmith’s University and including a session from SOAS that was in fact led expertly by their experienced Undergraduate and Postgraduate students.

Again the learners reflected on a highly informed and thought provoking session on Finance from Kingston University. We were fortunate enough to have a varied Student Ambassador panel with 17 Students representing Goldsmith’s University, London Southbank University, Kingston University, SOAS, St George’s University and Roehampton University this session particularly led to excellent debate around what to do with a gap year, how to make your final choices on UCAS, preparing for independence and Clearing.

We rounded off the day with an interactive session on preparing for interviews from St George’s University where the learners were able to do some practice interview questions with the Student Ambassadors.

These conferences were received as very useful by the majority of both staff and learners alike and staff stated how useful the days had been.